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    Default Question for Mick about this GT Turbo

    Steve has this beautiful car for sale in the classified section. He is one of the few that knows how to list a car for sale so he included all sorts of documentation including this window sticker. I am just curious why this window sticker would list the articulated sport seats as "No charge" and was hoping you might have an idea. They do not appear to be a part of any package at all as the "VIP package" is clearly listed above them. Never seen that before. Thank you for your time. It has "**" which would seem to reference a notation on the sticker that I can't find. Thanks for your time.

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    I don't know why it says "NC" (no charge) for the Articulated Sport Seats. It should have been a $366 charge. This window sticker looks like a reproduction?
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    Good question for Marti Auto Works who did the complete set of documents for the car, Original Ford Invoice, Monroney window sticker, VIN Research Stats….. maybe a 20TH Anniversary promotion from FoMoCo? the window sticker states it right on it “20TH Anniversary added discount” and “20TH Anniversary VIP discount” totals $1,515 dollars

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    In my opinion, there is definitely an error on the window sticker. There were two 20th Anniversary promotions from FoMoCo. This window sticker states the first promotion discount. You could add an option to this order, but not change or alter either of the promotion packages. This change was not offered in the Fleet management ordering. It would or might be be possible if this was an dealership ordered car for the "Rental Business". During the early part of `84 they opened up the Rental / ordering and used some different Rapid Specs that are hard to track.
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