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    Default Hello from Kahnawake,Quebec (1980 Mercury Capri RS)

    Hey, My nameís Bruce from Kahnawake Quebec,
    long time owner of old Fordís and few odd GMs
    1970 Ford Torino GT (Still own)
    1971 Ford LTD Brougham
    1971 Buick Electra Limited
    1977 Pontiac Phoenix
    1979 Ford Ranchero 500
    1980 Mercury Capri RS (Still Own)
    2003 & 2007 Ford Crown Vic Interceptor (Still Own)

    McGregorís Family of Fine Cars

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    Over the past eight years I have seen this forum slowly sliding down hill when it comes to presenting suitable content for wives & children to read.
    Lots of cuss words, and other unsuitable content that years ago wasn't allowed on here. We don't consider this material, which has become pretty common, suitable for family reading.
    Our three generations of car nuts have all greatly enjoyed our time as members of the foureyepride forum, and are sad to leave, but the forum name that you have chosen, is the last straw for us.

    That maybe a suitable name for your part of the world, but it isn't for ours, and wasn't for years on this worldwide site.
    We want to thank so many friends who we have shared information back and forth with us over the years. Leaving is especially sad since we still own three "four eyed" vehicles.
    Ron & Sue, kids and grandkids
    I never seem to get the nut that holds the steering wheel fixed

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    Love your whiskey (Clan MacGregor). Very good stuff for the price.

    But seriously, welcome to the forum

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    I have to agree, with BLK BRD 88 with all the possible forum names for someone to pick from, WHY that! Can't the moderators stop it?
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    I just notuced that. However if you look around the interweb, I feel this site has really done a pretty good job policing itself to a PG rating. Check out the corral if you don't believe me. We as a society are to blame for this. I'll stop here, because this could really be derailed into a realllllly long post not about this new guys car. Ps... really?! You could have picked something a little bit better.

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