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Thread: Pulleys on 3.8

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    Default Pulleys on 3.8

    I have been seeing the underdrive pulleys for the 5.0's forever. Would they fit a 3.8? If so, would they do any good at all? Is the trouble and expense worth the squeeze?

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    I don't think the 5.0 pulleys will work with a 3.8.
    LMR only list 3.8 pulleys for the 94-98....

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    The alternator would work. Not sure on the water pump and crsnk

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    I really like the 3.8 engine even though most might not. It is a good solid and reliable engine if maintained properly and capable of giving decent economy numbers. It is however, not a powerhouse in n/a form. Can you make power n/a with the 3.8? Yes, but it would be more cost efficient to do an engine swap. I'm sure you can find some underdrive pulleys that would work. I know they used to make some specifically for the 3.8 some 20 years ago. If it were me I would save my money. I don't think the cost to performance increase ratio would be worth it.
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    The amount gained by percentages is higher on a lower powered engines for what itís worth. is it worth it on a 5.0L? Absolutely! So it would be worth it on a 3.8? Of course!

    Measure performance in some way before you start.

    while you are at it make sure your PS pump is in great working order or replace it with a reman. A crappy pump can eat as much as 50HP before belts start failing!

    add a better cooler. Add a filter. Go synthetic lube on PS and everywhere else.

    Switch to premium fuel and add more timing advance....

    Measure performance after changes as well as when you are done.

    good luck with the project! I am sure something has the parts needed to do this easily.
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