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    Default Upgrading Headlights

    Well, I am tired of always having one headlight where the seal breaks and moisture gets inside the sealed beam. It still works but it looks horrid. I ma looking at EBay and see that they have Halogen upgraded 4 x 6 headlights with bulbs that can be replaced. My question is do you have to upgrade the wiring harness to accept these lights?

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    You shouldn't have to. As long as the wattage is the same or close you are fine. I believe standard headlights we're 55/65 watts (divide by 12 volts is roughly 5.5 amps each). You might consider doing a relay conversion so there is a solid 12.5 volts to them and take the load off the headlight switch.

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    Default Is everything mechanical now considered crude, low class, and undesireable?

    Been resealing every new SEALED beam by smearing rtv or silicone generously all the way around the lens seam.
    i refuse to spend 10x to change over everything because of defective seal redesign and advertising.

    The relay mod sounds like a good idea except for causing loss of LED headlight out warning light function.

    Recently had one major brand lens fall clean off. Few years old. The 'seal' was almost non-existent.
    Is this not a safety related item?
    Would never happen prior to 2000 or so. Try and pry an old one apart.

    'Throw away' un-reparable parts have gotten much more common and much more expensive.
    Mostly electrical.

    Just like a car getting modded over the years to go faster.
    Slowly loses ability to cruise economically, reliably, or even drive to the store at all.

    Gotten too expensive to manufacture a simple headlight or other common no tech simple part?
    Blame high tech expensive manuf equipment and time consuming computer design programs.
    Highly automated factory expenses cannot justify many low volume low dollar items anymore.
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    Do the replay upgrade regardless. I've ran it with halogen and LEDs, no issues.
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    Default Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Ourobos View Post
    Do the replay upgrade regardless. I've ran it with halogen and LEDs, no issues.
    Thank you all for the assistance. I went ahead and ordered a kit that comes with four headlights. The price of sealed beams is getting ridiculous, if you can even find them in the local parts shop. I went to two different places this past weekend and either had them.

    I will check the voltage on them and upgrade wiring if necessary.

    Thanks again

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    Check the voltage output at the alternator. Check the voltage input at the headlamp. If they don't match upgrade the wiring (relay 'kit').
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    Google auto pal housings.

    Basically hella knockoffs.

    Did an H4 led and H1 for high beam.

    I had done the relay upgrade. Not necessary but preferred with led.

    I have bright headlights, non blinding with good cutoff. Nobody high beams me,

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