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    Unhappy Volts are going crazy im my 84 Fox HELP!

    Soo i have a few electrical issues.. my 84 volts are reading 16 to 18v at some points then at idel they go to 12v i changed the voltage regulator and alternator soo i have no idea whats going on and now my lights only work on bright then turn on and off by themselves at times and my turn signal fuse keeps blowing. I drove it two hours straight with no issues then it started the other day. Hazards work so if anyone has had hese issues please tell me

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    Sounds like a big short somewhere. See any sparks under the hood?

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    a good place to start is to look at the ignition switch. when this switch starts to open up, the problems are strange.

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    Check your grounds. Motor to body and motor to battery.

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