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    Default new solonoid location?

    As I am cleaning up the engine bay I was curious about possible loactions for the solonoid.
    Anyone put it in the trunk?
    In the cowl?
    behind the fender?
    Where have people relocated theirs to?



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    Where is your battery located? I would keep it somewhere close to the battery. On the other side of that coin though it might be good to easily access it if it sticks or goes bad.

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    It's handy to have it accessible if you need to crank the engine from under the hood, like for trouble shooting, compression testing, etc. If you hide it, at least bring out the solenoid coil leads out to some sort of connector.

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    Would there be any bad issues with having it in the trunk?

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    Only YOU can create "bad issues" with however YOU rewire an automobile. Run the lowest number gauge wire (0 is absolute best) for battery connection if you insist on leaving the battery under-hood (moving the battery back there also has many advantages, and then run 0 gauge wiring for the starter from back there to under-hood), and there should be no issues...
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