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    I was wondering if I can modify the block plate by drilling new holes. I am in the process of swapping a C5 trans to a T5. I want to just drill new holes for the starter to the existing plate. Has anybody ever done this before? Will the main starter hole be good if new holes are drilled?

    I really do not feel like spending another 70 bucks on a new plate.



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    Depends on the flexplate/flywheel sizes.

    The 164t flywheel is about 1/2" further out on one starter hole.

    I reused my aod block plate with my t-5. Had to use tin snips around the starter holes and then it rubbed on the flywheel. I just left it, figured rev honing was the best fix.
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    That's what I'm going to do. I have already dumped a ton of money into it switching it over and don't feel like buying a new plate it I can grind and drill it to fit.

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    I have a block plate that I had to purchase for my C4 because the PO didnt have one at all! I bought one that worked on a 164 tooth flex plate and a 157 tooth flex plate. It had two different sets a holes for the starter and the hole for the unit itself had two overlapping diameters and a punch out that was crescent moon shape to utilize the 164 tooth flex plate starter location. With that said, I think if you are accurate enough, you can do similar to the unit you have on hand.
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