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    Default 1986 Mustang Gt Convertible - Austin TX

    rethinking the sale, mods can close this thread.
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    Price drop..I will open the door and ask for opinions on the price via PM. I have watched the market around here for years and prices all over the dang place.

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    eeprete - you cant receive any more PMs so here is the response to your question about the top.

    It is fine, looks good and no rips or tears. It operates up and down smoothly.

    It was obviously replaced at some point in the past. It has two issues, the right latch needs to be replaced. It works but isnt perfect (the sprint broke on it), I have a replacement but didnt realize the amount of a pita it would be so I never did it. The second is the alignment isnt perfect when it closes, but I am pretty picky. Basically the left you can very easily latch, the right side you have to give it a little tug down then it latches fine. I was going to have it adjusted when i got the latch replaced but never got around to it.

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