Just went through the entire tote of harnesses that I have had for over 15 years. I'm realizing I will not be needing them in the future.

So, from left to right at the top.......both top and bottom are in the pics.

Fuel Tank harnesses $20 each

A bunch of PW/PL harnesses with switches. Mostly black but a few chrome. Some are cut. Also have several Power wires that run across the fire wall for the PW/PLs. Open to offers on these.

Tail Light harness. $45

1985.5/1986 Mustang SVO Light and Charging harness. $75

1985.5/1986 Mustang SVO Engine harness. $175

A bunch of misc harnesses and connectors that have been cut. There is a lot of them there. Open to offers.

From left to right at the bottom.......top is included too.

T-5 harnesses. $40 each

Hatch harnesses including 3rd brake light harnesses and rear window defrost wiring. Open to offers.

Body and Tail light harness. $50

Body and Tail Light harness. $50

1985/1986? 302 TFI Harness. Part of it has been cut but the section is there. $40

Lighted mirror harness. $30

(2) 2.3 Turbo Injector harnesses. $25 each

(3) Solenoids-TAB/TAD $20 each

(2) Dash Fuel Warning Switch and Relay. $10 each.

Willing to combine harnesses and make deals on the package. PM me if interested in any. Thanks, Mike

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