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    Quote Originally Posted by qikgts View Post
    I guess Floridians have the best of both worlds then!!!...

    After 50 years in Cali, still waiting for the "big one".
    Have you had any storms recently ?

    On a side note, what is a "no see um" ? I never even heard of um.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go wash the ash particles off the car.

    Please, everyone stay safe.

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    I just went for my smog test today and the shop could not locate my car by plate or Vin in the DMV system. Itís been off the road for a lot of years but funny that the DMV has no problem mailing me annual registration letters with my Vin and plate number so I know itís in the system. And I came in prepared with a detuned to stock spec (car is not happy at stock 6 degrees timing) and my Magnaflow CalCat receipts. Now I have to make a trip to the Smog Referee for the once over. I sure wish CA kept the 25 year exemption rule in place so I could bypass all this!
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    Did you try looking it up yoursefl on the website. Often I would find 15 years of history listed. I thought the database was only to confirm status of last smog check. As long as you are paid up to date, I would think it’s just a Smog check and go.

    Btw, they are working on exempting 83 to 76.
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    Cash-grab nonsense, all of it. What's real funny is the apparent importance of all of this nonsense that is slowly seemingly fading out of style within places in Canada, with "e-test" programs being dropped...
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    "could not locate my car by plate or Vin"...
    Had that happen once. Brought in the title, registration, proof of insurance, and they reentered it.
    New tags are required every year. No problem there. But had no record of car? WTF.
    Ok now. I hope. Have to check again this year.
    No one knew exactly why that happens but does. Was missing for years. Car did not even show up on a traffic stop.
    State DMV (called 'S.O.S' for short here) later said database drops vehicles after so long even if titled/plated/driven.
    Yet never send any notice when that happens, or even check unless asked to.

    Similar with the truck. Was told plates were too old (3 or so years). Had to purchase new. 5.00.
    They could not explain why the system said new were needed, nor could look up how 'old' the plate really was.

    The wait in line was the same as in the 70's.

    I agree S. California weather is very fine overall.
    High costs keep most of the population from moving there.
    How long will they allow cars/trucks to coming in from other states and pollute?
    Someday cars will become so expensive to drive few will be able to afford to. And the smog will still be there.

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    I just lost my green plate.the guy at the inspection shop said it wasnít visible enough and to was my first it 1992 when I got my license.the registry didnít charge me for two new red numbered plates...wasnít happy.i kept the plate and hung it on the wall.this new inspection rules you mentioned above got me nervous over in middleboro and Iím planning on getting my 85 gt on the road this coming Tuesday.all the smog stuff is still on it,which is good,but I have a h pipe and mufflers waiting to be mounted I have a lot of future mods I want to do..

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