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    Default 1984 Mustang GT Turbo

    I have a 84 mustang by turbo I got as a project but decided i wanted a classic instead. It was sitting outside for about 15 years when i got it. It's black with red interior. The headliner is bad and the dash is pretty cracked. There is no radio either. The odometer says 33,xxx, I'm assuming it's 133k. The engine burned oil when I got it so I checked compression and the was good so I changed the valve stem seals and that fixed it. I told it has a svo turbo on it. It has the stinger performance front mount intercooler and blow off valve. I put a new radiator and volvo electric fan in it. The exhaust was cut off after the cat and some 3" tube was half welded on with no muffler. The trans seems to shift fine, I haven't driven it much. It has a 5 lug conversion using all svo parts. There is no known rust on the car and the paint appears original.

    Asking $2,300 which is how much I have in the car.
    It's located in Reno, NV
    I'm having a hard time figuring out how to upload pics right now..
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    Thank 84StangSVT for this one. Follow these steps. It is totally free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homer302 View Post
    Thank 84StangSVT for this one. Follow these steps. It is totally free.
    Thanks! I'll get those posted tonight.

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