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    Default blower motor resistor

    Piecing the interior of my mustang back together and currently chasing all the electrical gremlins. Narrowed it down to two problems:

    1. driver side low beam stays on with high beams on
    2. resistor for heater (problem I am addressing here)

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    1. I have no blower motor but it will work with power direct
    2. the fuse on the resistor tested good but
    3. when you flip the heater switch up resistor does not heat up
    4. ordered a new resistor (not realizing the difference)
    5. this resistor heats up with switch on but no connector for the blower motor

    my dilemma is I have been unable to locate the resistor I need. With the exception of ebay where there is one for $75. Any ideas on where I can find the right resistor. Before I start combing the boneyard for the rare 80's fords.

    From the picture you can see my old resistor on the bottom. The new is on top, no male connector for the blower motor.

    thanks for reading.......

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    If I'm recalling correctly, the resistor is connected the switch for the blower motor, right? I needed one a few years ago and got it from NAPA. Most of these kinds of under-dash parts in the Mustangs were also used in many other cars and trucks of the era, and in the parts databases they are sometimes located under a different vehicle. I think the actual blower spool (hamster-style wheel fan blade) came up under a Ranger after several missed attempts at finding the right one (the one I needed was plastic and reverse rotation). So the good news is that the part is probably out there at a part store, or at least able to be ordered if they don't stock it, but it might take a little searching by the right parts counter know the one who will put the computer aside for a minute and look at the 30 year old books they have. if you take the original to the parts counter, and you get the right kind of help, they might be able to find a comparable replacement.

    EDIT: Hey, for kicks, I just looked at NAPA's website, and they have them. Echlin brand, part number ECH br309 $31.69.

    I like using Rock Auto and other box-style stores for convenience purposes, but for finding more hard to find parts, NAPA never let me down. I promise, I don't own stock or anything, they just tend to have the stuff for these cars.
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