ok, so I have a thing for '86 GT convertibles... my first Mustang was an '86 GT 'vert automatic. Have always regretted getting rid of it (14 years ago), but c'est la vie.

Recently found another '86 GT 'vert 5 speed. Here's the particulars:

It's an original California car, frame, floor pans, fenders, doors, trunk, shock towers, etc. are completely rust free.

odometer reads ~86k miles... assuming it's been around the block once, despite what owner says.

has a bad repaint... noticeable overspray & poor prep.

top works & has no major rips/tears, but vinyl is feeling old & brittle.

exhaust needs repaired/replaced... rust at muffler/tailpipe... came apart when removing for clutch replacement

supposedly new clutch

Hurst shifter

looks like aftermarket headers & cold air intake

cracked dash pad

lowered front suspension... not sure if lowering springs used or cut coils

welded subframe connectors & strut tower brace present- unknown manufacturer

16" pony rims

low option car- no power windows/locks/ or cruise

aftermarket steering wheel

supposedly working A/C

no boot for the top

front chassis brace held on with zip-ties

front bumper cover's been smacked a few times- paint cracked & scraped.

one scrape on driver's side fender- would require paint & bodywork

interior is dirty, but all there... would probably clean up pretty good.

pricing is tricky on this one... it's a running/driving car... and a clean California car with no rust... but it DOES need some work, and the some of the work that has been done seems pretty sketchy.

He's asking $3400.

In the $3k to $4k price range, I can find a few newer, nicer foxes & SN95s. But I want another 4-eyed 'vert. That's worth something, I'm just not sure how much. I'm thinking $2500. Competition is tough in the L.A. market, so doubt it would go for $1k - $1.5k... thoughts?