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    Default 1982 Mustang Interior Lighting

    Hey everyone

    I was wondering if 79-82 Mustangs ever came with a flip down map light. I just ordered a headliner with ABS plastic backing for my 82 coupe and I ordered one for a 79-82 with supposedly just the dome light and when it came in there was a cutout in the plastic for a map light as well. So I wanted to ask everyone here if a map light ever came in those years before I throw a fit over it.

    Thank you

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    Indeed they did. My '82 GT has the map light. Not sure about 1979-1981 but I would assume so. Also not sure if it was standard, an option or part of an option group.

    My car is rather loaded....only missing PW, PL and Tilt/Cruise.
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    Have one in the 79.
    Part of the Light Group Option.
    MSRP for Light Group 37.00
    Pivotal map light, glove box, ashtray, under hood.
    Luggage compartment light on 2dr, courtesy light on 3dr.
    Std on Ghia.

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    My 79 has one as well. Thanks!
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    I have a 82 hatch with a flip down up front and dome in back

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