There hasnít been a lot of deep dive into air temperature impacting air density or elevation impacting density, etc.

Lots of fun things to discuss.

Heck, even ideal timing is a topic that can be discussed. Timing advance gives the mixture more time to burn but give it too much it will create a violent suck effect as the flame goes out. Timing retard gives less burn time. Often leads to more raw fuel in the catalytic converters, etc

Then there is swirl tendency of a given combustion chamber influencing timing thatís desireabke.

Also how well is the fuel atomized when it reaches the combustion chamber. Too long of a runner on a damn cold morning and raw fuel runs down the intake runners as itís no longer atomized by the intake valve. Dumping raw fuel poorly mixed with air and air/fuel that does combust being a mixture thatís still too lean......

Fun to think about how far off track we can get on a simple carb and intake suggestion discussion. Lol!

If emissions are required then emissions capable parts are required. 50 state legal performer is a great option.

Air gap and victor have a little more up high but give up a little low and mid to do it.

Stock head I would go performer or similar dual plane

Aftermarket Head id pay attention to intake CFM flow on the head and try to meet it while staying dual plane if I can. Sometimes dual plane with a spacer thatís not divided shows the most benefit but fitting under the hood, mileage varies.

My 85 ...... Iím deciding which shortblock to run right now. Probably will be a 331. I have Edelbrock heads and Airgap intake and Edelbrock 600 carb. Flowtech cam is the new plan.