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    Default Escort to 85-86 SSP Cap Modification

    Hello everyone,

    For those who might have a 85-86 SSP and need the front wheel caps, here is how I modified Escort caps. I bought some damaged Escort caps to practice on first. Here is what I was able to come up with....

    First, I am lucky to have access to a lathe. I put the Escort cap on the lathe and cut the center chrome cap at the parting line. Then I used a 2 1/2" wide X 1 1/2" tall PVC coupling and allowed 3/4" for the additional space in the "snout" of the cap.
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    Then I cut the base of the coupling down to about .001.

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    This allowed me to slide the coupling into the cap, so I know it is centered on the cap. Some epoxy between the snout and the coupling and on the chrome cap. A little filler in the gap on the snout and argent paint and in about an hour time, a usable SSP cap.

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    Almost the same thing can be done using a dremel tool and a hack saw.

    Using a dremel, make sure you have the cap secure. GO SLOW when using the dremel, the heat will cause the plastic to bead-up if you go too fast. A little sanding on a good flat surface will help even out any uneven cuts.

    Then, secure the PVC coupling in a vice and using a hack saw, you can cut the coupling (3/4"). You can then epoxy the newly cut 3/4" spacer onto the snout. Same process, a little body filler and paint and you're all set.

    Just thought I'd share this with those 85-86 SSP owners who were in the same boat as me, searching for the unicorn 85-86 SSP caps!

    Just go slow and it'll turn out great!

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    Show some pics of the completed pics as well please. There was a thread on that had the modification done. I have yet to attempt this but will soon enough.

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