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    Default Dashboard removal process for 2003 Tahoe

    My son's Tahoe needs new evap core for AC and heater core as well.

    Mechanics want alot to do this job. I'm able to do it if I have instructions with screenshots. Does anybody here have a good tutorial for the dash removal process for 2003 Tahoe?

    I removed the dash in my 84 Mustang and also a 98 F150 but I had great screenshots that took me through the process.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    It's been a while since I was at gm and you can probably find better advice, but if I recall, there are a couple 10mm bolts at the bottom kick panel area and a couple more across the top and it will rotate down out of the way. They are designed to come out mostly as a whole. If you've done this before it won't be an insurmountable job. Take pics and do your research

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    I did that same job on a 2004 Silverado SS in 2008. it wasn't bad to be honest, took me a Saturday to do it. I can't give you detailed intrustructions but if you have taken a dash out of a fox it's on par.

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