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    Default 86 GT weatherstrip / help with wind noise

    Hello, I have replaced door ot body seals, inner and outer window felts as well as the window channel and just can't seem to get rid of any of the wind noise? How do you guys get these doors and windows to seal up well? I have replaced the hatch seal as well and can't tell if there is some wind noise there or not, but it wouldn't surprise me as I have not been impressed with these seals purchased from LMR.

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    If the seals are touching the body parts well, then it may be a case of the panels themselves causing the wind noise. How to the panels fit? Are the doors outboard beyond the fenders (the leading edge)? How about the top rear of the door? Is it outboard?

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    i do not believe the doors are sticking out (leading edge) but I will double check and add a few pics for reference.

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