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    Default Caroline - My 86 T-Top mustang

    I''ve been lurking on here for awhile and figured it was about time for me to make a post about my mustang.

    I purchased this car around May 2013 and daily drove it during the summers of 2013 and 2014. It was everything I wanted, t-tops, v8, manual, 5lug swap, lowered suspension, bigger brakes, wide tires, and of course 4 eyed.

    Here it is with my gray 86 at the time, which I sold shortly after this picture. That is another thread entirely with a 4 year build.
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    Back to Caroline, this mustang was a blast to drive, quite reliable, and got almost 24mpg! Unfortunately the day came where I wanted to propose to my now wife, so being a broke college student I sold mustang to be able to afford a ring that fit my spiraling out of control proposal plan. ( So the car was sold in the fall of 2014. Last summer my wife found out why I sold the mustang and convinced me to try to hunt it down and buy it back. Luckily it was registered in a town of ~700 people nearby, and after a few messages to people I knew in the area I was able to track it down. It had been abused by 3 owners in the 1.5 years since I had sold it and was in rough shape. The engine burned a quart of oil every 100 miles, the floorboards were rusted through, 100% bald rear tires, and the interior was in pieces. I was able to convince the guy who owned it to reluctantly sell it back to me, but not for cheap. I ended up paying ~$1500 more than what I sold it for 1.5 years prior when it was in nice shape.

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    But I didn't care, I had my car back. One of the only cars that I've owned that puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I immediately put the car back together as much as I could, and just started driving it. Throughout the summer I replaced the floor pans, put sub frame connectors in, got new seats, new sticky tires, and basically got the car as close as I could back to where it was when i sold it. I drove it every nice day to work, and autocrossed it as much as I could. This last fall/winter I bought a 99 explorer 302 and did a complete rebuild on the engine. The engine didn't really need it, but I had always wanted to learn how to rebuild a engine and what better time to do it? I prepped the engine as best I could for a turbo system in the future with a f303 cam, better gaskets, and a pimpxs (megasquirt 3) ecu to be better prepared for boost. Dropped that motor in this spring after I finished my dads 68 f100, and now I'm at the point where I am dialing in the tune. I have drove it 5 of the last 7 work days with the ttops out and the music blaring.

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    Next steps are to get the tune right NA, modify my hood a little bit to clear my intake (which is currently rubbing), possibly graft on a 01 cobra bumper that I have to the lower half of the bumper, and hopefully someday build my own turbo kit.
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    Congrats on getting your car back. I definitely understand the feeling of driving your car. I feel the same way when I drive mine.

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    Congrats on getting it back and on the road. Sounds like the wife is a keeper along with the car.

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    You could try using convertible motor mounts, if it saves work modifying the hood. They are known to drop the engine about 3/4” lower.

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    I do have motor mounts on. The problem is I have to run a spacer between my upper and lower intake so that I clear these valve covers. I've always wanted a small cowl hood anyways, so it was just a matter of time.

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    Congrats on getting your car back. It looks great. Pretty cool jewelry box you built.

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    It was good to meet you too. Nice to have another fox guy close by. If you need any help, I'm here. Plus, there is an enormous amount of knowledge on here

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    Congratulations on somehow managing to tame both a great woman and a great car.... at the same time!

    I am from Omaha - not that im ever there. If you need stuff let us know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joetemus View Post
    Here it is with my gray 86 at the time, which I sold shortly after this picture. That is another thread entirely with a 4 year build.
    I'd like to see a thread on your '86 'vert... I'm quite enamored of it!
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    Congratulations on getting your car back, what a great story!
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    My wife is gone for 2 weeks so here is my project to try to get done with no interruptions! Wish me luck!

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    Oh boy..... think I know where this is going. Personally not my cup of tea but to each their own.

    Good kuck

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    I love the look of these bumpers molded in. I understand why some people don't but I think it goes well with the Saleen side skirts!

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    Let me know if you have any trouble, I do know some stuff after 42 years of dragging my knuckles around. Where did you find the white mustang? I've got a 94 front laying around, if you have Too much trouble

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    The foxbody with the cobra bumper is from a guy named Manir Karim who has a facebook page called All Mach'd Up Design. Really cool build

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    Cut up my beat up 86 gt bumper

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    And my 01 cobra bumper

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    Then started mocking and trimming tonight.

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    And finally ended up riveting it in a couple spots to see close to what it will look like finished.

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    Hopefully final glue up tomorrow!

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    Glued in last night!

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    what glue did you use?
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    3M 08116 Panel bonding adhesive. 3M recommended I also use 05907 adhesion promoter along with it.

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    I was sick of not driving it, so I got the bumper done. Fog lights are coming and the extensions on the bumper that connect to the fender will be added later. Hopefully better paint this winter!

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    Looks good, can't wait to see it with lights...

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