I've never sold parts on this sight but do have 100% feedback on eBay under username 69restomach. Parts are located in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Crane roller rockers OEM part #f3ze6529ab
No studs or mounting hardware. 125$ shipped.

Pair of power aero side mirrors. Passenger side glass sticks out slightly. 35$ shipped.

Double hump crossmember. 60$ shipped.

NOS Ford Motorsport license plate. 55$ shipped.

Koni strut adjuster knob. D style. 20$ shipped.

Pair of grey armrests from SVO. 50$ shipped.

AOD flywheel. 50$ shipped.

SVO outer lights. Lenses are separated from housings. Lenses fogged. No cracks studs intact. 90$ shipped.

10 hole center caps. 2 have minor dents 2 are a little worse. Driver quality. 45$ shipped.

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