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    What is the electrical item on the top center of the dash? And where does the black wire go mine had been cut

    thanks Todd

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    Most likely you are referring to the external amp for the stereo. Although without pictures to verify that is what you are asking about, I can only guess. Hope that helps.!

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    It looks like it could be an amp



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    The black wire is a ground for the amp. Not sure where exactly it attaches. It’s a bit long maybe 18”
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    It is the ground for the "premium" sound amp as others have already mentioned. You probably aren't using it anyway but I believe it did attach to the metal frame of the dash near the radio itself.

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    On my 85 GT that wire ran from the amp (top center dash) down to a stud on the back of the radio.

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    Yup, attaches on the back stud of the "premium" radio. There is also a support bracket on that stud to hold the radio.
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