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    Default Finally introducing myself properly!

    When I first signed up I looked all over the forum for this section. Well... I finally found it. Time to give myself a proper introduction.

    They call me Trinity. (yes after the movie)
    I'm from just outside a little town in the northern piedmont region of North Carolina called Roxboro.

    I have lurked around the site a few times before but have only recently signed up.
    I have a passion for all things Mustang and have / had 4 total that includes an '84 Light desert tan Coupe, an '86 Bimini Blue T-top Hatch LX, a '93 LX coupe, and a '96 SVT Cobra.

    Currently I have been spending most of my time on my '93 Coupe and '96 Cobra. Eventually I'll get back around to the '86 hatch and the '84 coupe.

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    Welcome to FEP, put some pics up so we can see them bad boys.....

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    '83 Mustang GL notchback - 3.8 C5
    '92 Mustang LX hatchback - 2.3 T5 (2.3t soon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1982GLX View Post
    Welcome to FEP, put some pics up so we can see them bad boys.....
    WARNING!!! The pic of the '84 is not for the faint of heart!

    '84 L coupe

    '86 LX T-top Hatch

    '93 LX coupe

    '96 Cobra

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