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    Default 1979 Mustang radio frustration lol

    Hey, I've been luring around for years and finally found my dream 4 eye last fall. I've spent the winter freshening up the suspension and next on my list was the audio system. I've been reading the posts on this forum over the past few weeks looking for answers. I'd prefer to not modify the interior, and I'm not an audiophile, I do like good sound. I was looking at options to use the current speaker locations or even clever hidden options, if you have any suggestions, please pass them along. My further frustration is that the car didn't come with a radio so I went shopping for a period correct aftermarket unit. I was happy to find a Kenwood dual shaft, KRC-2005. When I tried to trial fit the head unit, I noticed that the shaft recesses (holes in the dash) are in fact staggered and if I set the adjustment nuts to level it out, I can't install the knobs and the face is recessed inside the dash. Should I look for a different head unit? Has anyone else encountered this and if so how did you remedy it. Thanks in advance..


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    I cut for din and added aux fuse box behind glove box.
    Needed more space and flexibility to update this area of the car with the times and needs..
    Shaft style is too much work to install/uninstall.
    Needed what worked, not for show points.
    Finally found a quality sound combo that does the job without excess spl, power requirements, or cost.

    1- Factory Ford M100 non-cassette/cd electronic radio, black face from 93 escort.
    1- jbl GTO-504EZ 50w x 4 jbl amp.
    2- jbl GX 302 3.5" speakers, in dash.
    6- ford mach/jbl 2 way closed back 6 x 8 speakers, in rear, from late 90's explorer/expedition front doors.

    Two of the rear 6 x 8 are mounted in the stock 1/4 panel trim locations..
    The other rear 4 are temp 'stuck' with butyl against the rear trim panel, sideways upright facing front wise.
    Was a sound test arrangement. Passed. Plays 80's music real good. Other eras fall in line.
    Thinking of moving the 4 into blank areas of the rear seat 1/4 side trim panels. Cut holes, add grills.

    All speakers are phased. Amp eq, gain, set for best surround sound balance with radio controls straight up.
    Added new ground and power supply for radio and amp separate from main fuse box.
    Power is 30a max fused off battery. Added std 12v relay wired to ign switch.
    Relay controls new 8 fuse aux panel behind glove box for more power connection options.
    Radio, amp, new 12v power points, etc.
    Relay turns aux power panel on/off. Same as when radio was connected to main fuse panel.
    Everything working fine after 3+ years.
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    If you want the looks of the factory set-up, you might consider installing two systems. Just find a factory am/fm or even 8-track or cassette head unit and install it with just the basic dash speakers. Then, install a hidden amp and a bluetooth interface and some decent speakers. When you get in the car and want to hear some decent sound, just pick up your phone and key up some music. You can probably hide a small amp in the console, under the seat, somewhere in the trunk, etc. I don't remember all the stuff that would allow you to do this, but I did research it a while back and it was fairly simple to do and wasn't too expensive, either. You can also use the stock radio and an amp interface that gets it's signal from the factory radio speaker wires (sorry, can't remember what that thing is called, but I'm sure someone here knows.) Then, you can hook up an amp to it and use an fm transmitter to listen to streaming/mp3, etc from your phone. Or, you can use rca splitters to run an interface or mp3 player straight into your amp, without having to use an fm transmitter (because they suck). Anyway, 1,000 ways to skin a cat. The way I do it is install a hopped up stroker motor with loud pipes. No need for music after that lol!

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    perfect, thanks for your input. I'm hoping the pipes will eventually drown out the

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    Back in the day we always had to shorten the right knob recess, and glue a washer in the bottom of the hole. Save the piece, duct tape it behind the dash somewhere. It's not difficult to unbolt the brace on the left side of the radio, and swing it out of the way. Take out the heater control and it's easy to install a rear strap to support the back of the unit.
    My Sony XR75 messed up under warranty so I drove down to Crutchfield and removed it in the parking lot, it's that easy.

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