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    Walking into a showroom now is like walking into a Cadillac or Lincoln dealer of the past.
    The palace like showroom buildings. Aircraft hanger clean repair bays.
    Nothing is affordable, nor designed, for all walks of life as cars were up to thru the 80's.
    Especially compared to the first Mustang.
    All that is the same in a dealer is the brand name, sign here, and clean restrooms.
    Wonder what the average income of a new Mustang buyer or F150 is or what they do for a living.

    Half way there to similarity of Rolls Royce company in low car volume and high price.
    And Kenworth/Peterbuilt for trucks. Gold plated jack an option?

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    Ford scraps plan to import Focus Active - blames Trump.
    In other news, "Ford" also blames Trump for killing all of the dinosaurs.
    In more other news, "Ford" also blames Trump for the Black Plaque.
    In more other news, "Ford" also blames Trump for ....

    In the article, note: The automaker won't reconsider its decision even if the tariffs are eventually dropped, a spokesman said.

    Imho, if Trump does something wrong, then he deserves to be blamed.
    Every President makes good and bad decisions.
    But, when people/"companies" blame Trump for 100% BS reasons, people should really stop and think about what that really says.

    Note: Although it's the Ford spokesman that made those comments.
    In real life, it's the decision of one or more top execs to make those comments. The Ford spokesman isn't some random person just saying random things that comes to his/her mind.


    Ford scraps plan to import Focus Active amid U.S.-China trade war
    August 31, 2018 @ 11:30 am
    Michael Martinez Twitter Facebook RSS feed
    The Ford Focus Active -- a crossover-inspired variant which features a higher ride height, different bumpers and plastic protective strips -- was set to arrive in 2019.

    DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. on Friday said it is canceling plans to import a wagon version of the Focus to the U.S. from China because tariffs enacted by the Trump administration would cut into profits too much.

    The automaker won't reconsider its decision even if the tariffs are eventually dropped, a spokesman said.

    Ford had planned to bring the Focus Active to the U.S. in the second half of 2019 after discontinuing the sedan variant here. It had expected to sell fewer than 50,000 units a year.

    "The impact to our future sales is expected to be marginal," Kumar Galhotra, Ford's president of North America, told reporters on a conference call. "Our viewpoint is that, given the tariffs, our costs would be substantially higher. Our resources could be better deployed at this stage."

    Galhotra said the automakers did not see "significant risk" for its other two imports from outside North America: the EcoSport crossover from India and the Transit Connect van from Spain.

    The automaker is in the midst of a global restructuring expected to cost $11 billion over the next three to five years. It's revamping its North American vehicle lineup by eliminating all sedans in the coming years as it works to achieve 10 percent profit margins in the region.

    Ford first announced plans to bring the Focus Active to the U.S. in April, when it announced the sedan cuts and said it would be one of only two cars to remain at North American dealerships, along with the Mustang. The Focus Active already is sold in Europe, and Ford said it would continue with plans to build it in China for that market as well.

    Automakers around the world have urged the Trump administration not to impose tariffs on vehicles built in China.

    General Motors recently asked for an exemption on its China-made Buick Envision, which is currently under review. If it doesn't receive that exemption, executives have warned that GM could drop that vehicle from its U.S. lineup.

    Ford said an exemption would not have applied to the Focus Active because of its production timing and thus did not seek one.

    The Trump administration has so far slapped 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the administration is considering a plan to impose duties ranging from 10 to 25 percent on $200 billion in Chinese imports as soon as a public-comment period concludes next week.

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    Good. The "Focus Active" is stupid.

    When the sh** hits the fan for this kill-all-of-the-cars plan of theirs--and it WILL--they'll have to import cars from SOMEWHERE. They can't run from these short term policy changes forever. It takes too long to develop new cars and tool factories to build them. Hopefully by the time that happens, the European market will have forced the "Focus Active" out of production and we'd just get a regular Focus again because that's all they'd have for us. And it wasn't the wagon. I'd have liked it more if it was the wagon, but it was the 5-door body style.

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    I agree that I think that it was the right choice to not bring the Focus Active to the States.
    Then, Ford would also need to have parts/supplies/training/etc for that one new model - that wasn't even sold here before.

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    2nd quarter CAR (Not Truck or SUV) sales reported for Nissan, Toyota and Honda with ALL THREE DOWN over 15%+ in a continuing downward trend for sales of AUTOMOBILES/CARS for these market dominating AUTO makers!

    Nissan re-affirms it's commitments to building automobiles in face of a crashing market for automobile sales.

    Fortunately for Nissan, Honda and Toyota the dramatic continued drop in AUTOMOBILE sales has been more than off-set with the HUGE SURGE in their sales of small and mid-size SUV'S!

    MAYBE Ford is NOT as dumb as everyone seems to think!
    Remember, "Drive Fast, Turn Heads, Break Hearts!"

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    I like "Cut & Coach Built" vehicles!

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    I think the concern isn't that trucks are bad, or that Ford's trucks are bad, but that it's not a good idea to only have one product line. The imports sales are down because fuel is still relatively cheap. When the price of fuel goes up, trucks will be down and they won't have anywhere to go. All the Japanese brands make trucks and cars. Ford is focusing on short term profits, which are plentiful on the bloated high markup trucks with a large long-term risk to their market.

    I've said it several times, and I'll repeat it...Ford is still making cars, they're just not making them here. They're banking on fuel prices staying low for the long term and that the American market will keep buying up the high markup thirsty trucks that they make so well. When fuel prices go up and truck sales dry up like they did a decade ago, they'll cut back on production and IMPORT Ford cars to the US from Europe and Asia.

    Then we'll have to debate if a Ford made in Germany is more American than a Subaru made in Indiana...
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    I have worked in the auto industry in Detroit for 20+ years and can tell you first hand that Ford has lost money on all it's cars for many years. You can argue they mismanaged the portfolio and rely too heavily on the big profits from trucks and SUVs, but GM and FCA are in the same boat. Last year alone it's estimated Ford lost $800m on cars in North America. Their stock fell to just above junk status this week falling below $10 and if not for a decent cash balance they would be in real trouble to survive in the near term. Cutting their car lineup at this point and downsizing in Europe is about survival not greed. It is highly likely they will need a partner to survive and there's been a lot of talk for over a year that VW is the mix.
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    VW does not make trucks that's why their cars survive as decent transportation.
    US automakers used to make both forever. Why won't they now?
    Gotten too complicated? Yet they spend for automatic driving research?
    Self driving cars. Yah 20 mph commutes. Add talk about flying cars too?

    Cars were pretty good late 60's mid 70's once disc brakes, radial tires became available.
    Then hit a wall with econ, safety, and emissions. Hard work and practical thinking solved that.
    80's. Unibodys. Wide variety of simple practical style, size, price again. Fuel mileage with decent power.
    Then fwd package and more govt regulations took over and shrunk cars. Back to the 70's.
    Computers came on line and began to solve things, then their use went wacko. Add global thinking.

    Everything had to have 4 doors, round gauges, fwd, and a console for some reason. RWD deemed ancient.
    Now its horsepower, entertainment, and driver aids instead of large repairable car, 50 mpg, and low MSRP.
    Fuel cost is 3x 1970's why is not fuel econ? MSRP is up 10x. Still dangerous and always will be.
    Computer age really messed up things eventually being over and mis applied.
    To do any formerly simple quick manual task like simple math, not to achieve practical rational goals.

    People still need space like always. SUV popular. May not like them but no real choice.
    SUV and pickups closer to what a full size car used to be than what one is now.
    Cars used to be custom made for all ages. Now have std content older people feel stupid having to put up with.

    Economic, sales reports are misleading. up/down x%? what is? units? no. ticket sales? no
    Dollars spent for something. Reports are as a money figure, not item count figure.
    Car success used to be how many units per year a model sold. Now its how much money is made from one.
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