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    Default Turn signal issue

    84 thunderbird. Turn signals we’re working but I was messing under the dash hooking up the brake switch connector. Now all of a sudden my turn signals don’t work or hazards. I tried new fuses with no luck. Test light shows power to the fuse box where the fuses insert. Horn works fine on the column and the high beams switch like they should. My question is am I over looking anything or do I need a turn signal switch. Brake light work like they should. Even disconnected them for giggles to see if the turn signals would work again. All the bulbs are new etc. let me know what you think or any other ideas. Thanks

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    Did u check the turn signal blinker module thingy in the fuse box? It's usually a round metal or plastic thing that plugs into the fuse box but it's what makes the signals flash. Sometimes it's on top or reverse side of the fuse box. Maybe you knocked it loose

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    yea I replaced both of those. Checked them several times

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    I went back out and messed with it some more. Where the flashers go on the fuse box the top flasher has a white/pink wire and to another port has a green/ orange wire. These have power even when the key is off. The green wire goes to the brake switch and the white wire goes to the turn signal switch which has power in both spots. The lower flasher has a purple wire and a baby blue wire. The purple wire has power with the key on and the blue wire has power with the key on also.the blue wire loses power at the switch when I turn the turn signals on in the left or right position. The hazards have no effect in the power here. So if I have power to the fuse box and the flashers were replaced I believe I answered my own question with the switch being bad. Just didn’t know if the switch can be bad and still work the horn and high beams.

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    I also forgot to add the white/pink wire on the turn signal switch loses power when the hazards lights are turned on. So I believe the top of the fuse box flasher is for the hazard lights and the bottom is for the turn signals since the blue wire there loses power when the turn signals are activated.

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    Thanks that makes life so much easier!

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