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    Default Need an opinion and help with a molding

    Hey guys,
    I'm new to the forums and am working on my 86 McLaren Capri convertible. At this point, I am working on my doors and while I have them apart I want to do everything I can to not have to get back into them again (though that will probably not happen, lol).

    I need to find this molding that runs behind the mirror, you can see that it is damaged in the pic. I was told that this is a standard mustang convertible piece, but that was modified slightly for this car. I have been unable to find the correct search term or name for this piece, can anyone help??

    Second, I need an opinion on refurbing my mirror bezels, I would like to clean and repaint them before putting the doors back together, does anyone know what the factory finish was on these? it looks like a flat black, but is almost a charcoal color. Also shown in pic

    Thanks a ton!

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    I saw a NOS pair of the rubber from LMR last week iirc. I didn't think they were reproduced but a quick search and these popped up. Can't comment on 100% correct for your car.

    For the housing, they are metal so they can be blasted if needed. There are NOS on eBay etc. but I'd just clean them up and use some SEM trim black on them myself.

    Good luck!

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    I can take a look at my 84 and compare it to my 85 asc. I don’t think they are the same. I’m sure Henry has them in stock.
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    Been corresponding with Henry, he is going to hook me up. I need to get a new console from him anyways.... always more to buy!

    I saw the mustang ones that 82GTforME linked and didn't think that they were right because they were so long - seems ASC just cut them.

    Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it!

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