So, I have through-floor SFCs. The guy at the shop who did them recommended to me that I figure out a way to install seat cross-braces like normal pre-made SFCs come with. I'd had a number of ideas in my head for how to do that. I recently bought myself a driveshaft safety loop. I noticed it goes pretty close to where those seat cross-braces would go. Since it is a brace of sorts and perpendicular to the frame rails in about the right spot, do you think that would pretty much serve the same function as the seat cross-braces do? If the loop bracket doesn't quite meet up with the frame rails, I was thinking of having extensions welded in between so that they would. I guess there's probably not much opportunity for flex in the small space in between the 4 bolts for the loop bracket and the frame rails though.

What do you think?