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    Default Driveshaft Loop Instead Of SFC Seat Cross Braces?

    So, I have through-floor SFCs. The guy at the shop who did them recommended to me that I figure out a way to install seat cross-braces like normal pre-made SFCs come with. I'd had a number of ideas in my head for how to do that. I recently bought myself a driveshaft safety loop. I noticed it goes pretty close to where those seat cross-braces would go. Since it is a brace of sorts and perpendicular to the frame rails in about the right spot, do you think that would pretty much serve the same function as the seat cross-braces do? If the loop bracket doesn't quite meet up with the frame rails, I was thinking of having extensions welded in between so that they would. I guess there's probably not much opportunity for flex in the small space in between the 4 bolts for the loop bracket and the frame rails though.

    What do you think?

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    The seat braces help keep the floor pans from cracking. Building your own custom seat braces and welding them to the subframe connectors, and tying them into the drive shaft safety loop sounds like a good idea to me. Just make sure you can still remove your driveshaft easily enough before you do anything too permanent.


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