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Thread: 351 EFI Swap

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    Default 351 EFI Swap

    I am considering removing the 200 6 cyl in my 79 Zephyr wagon and replacing it with a 95 351 EFI and an e4od trans.
    Have any of you made this swap?
    What should I be aware of?
    Will the existing engine cradle work?

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    Putting an EFI 351 into a Fox body has been done before. In your case, you'll need either a K-member from a V8 or 4 cylinder car, or an aftermarket K-member. Heavier springs would be a good idea.

    Wiring will be the hardest part. I have the wiring diagrams for your wagon and there are Motorcraft instructions on how to wire the EFI system. The ECU computer probably won't fit behind the kick panel so you'll have to put it elsewhere. I made brackets out of sheet aluminum and hung the ECU from the heater/AC.

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    The E4OD is a big transmission. I have not done it personally, but it is probably going to require trans tunnel mods. I'd go for a built AOD which would be a lot easier to fit.

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    Check out this thread. Page 4 is where he starts getting into the engine swap. His car was an original 200 six cylinder and he put a 302 in with the original k-member with some very minor modifications. It is doable.
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    I'm guessing this engine is from a truck. The 351 is taller than a 302, so it will most likely require some work to the hood or k-member spacers to make it fit. Also, I believe that truck EFI intake is very tall itself. It would probably be a lot easier to find yourself a '87-93 Mustang full chassis harness (or parts car) and swap that in rather than the truck EFI harness. Trucks were bank fired, non-HO, non-roller cam. But '94 and up truck 351 block is roller cam ready. You could conceivably swap in an HO roller cam (or roller cam of your choice), swap on a GT40 intake (you'll need a Lightning/marine lower and those can be hard to come by. The reason for using this intake is it matches where everything is on the Mustang harness.), controlled by the Mustang Sequential EFI harness and ECU and have yourself one sweet cruiser. Go to the next level by swapping on some GT40 heads. Use an Explorer upper intake for maximum stealth, and that engine will look like it belongs there. You can see I've put a lot of thought into doing this. I've always wanted to do it, but at this point I've come too far with my 302 to switch directions again.

    Also, going with the huge E4OD would be more trouble than it's worth, I'm sure. An AOD would save you a lot of headache.

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    Thanks to all of you who responded with advice and suggestions. If I do end up getting the 351 EFI I will post my progress.

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