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    Default '85/6 Charcoal body accent and trim paint.

    This should be easy, and feel free to berate me if the answer is under my nose and I missed it. Looking for a paint code/trade name for the charcoal window-surround trim and lower body paint to help a friend restore a nice low-miler '86 GT. My sister had a 4-banger Med. Canyon metallic with lower accent car, and I know my way around Mustangs, but getting a consistent answer is frustrating. I've been driven toward metallic body colors or just slop black. It's neither.

    Any help? Thanks.

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    I’m in the process of doing mine using s.e.m.39153(charcoal)

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    ^^This^^ Definitely not a metallic color, and definitely not black. Its a matte finish charcoal.
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    SEM makes one of the best trim paints on the market for the Fox body. They make a charcoal and a black which are almost a perfect match for our cars. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sowaxeman View Post
    ^^This^^ Definitely not a metallic color, and definitely not black. Its a matte finish charcoal.
    he said he was looking for the original charcoal trim paint.doesnt get any closer than the sem 39153.i know dupont makes it also in quarts to mix,but do not know the number.

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    The SEM paint is fine for touch ups and for those that don't have a spray gun. The issue with the SEM paint for daily drivers and cars that are not stored indoors is the longevity is always an issue due to not being a catalyzed paint or clear coated. Ultimately it just doesn't hold up long term without special care. Again for those that store their cars in garages or constantly under covers away from sunlight not as big an issue.

    The correct color code for the 85/86 Dark Charcoal Grey Trim paint should be PPG #DDL 33717. If you have a spray gun and are willing to spray it or need to spray enough that it warrants buying in larger quantities than spray cans this is the way to go.

    Personally I prefer spraying this from a quart can when redoing a complete car as I don't worry about inconsistency between cans and IMHO it's a better product. Depending on how you have it mixed you can spray as a single stage and be done with it. I personally spray it as a BC/CC. To get the correct sheen, I will use a flattening agent in my clear to drop my gloss to around 60%. Most of the flattening agents will give you a mix ratio to help with that. In my experience this gives just that bit of sheen that would have been factory like, but without the wet/glossy look of normal clear. The overall durability and longevity of the trim color at this point is generally the same as the rest of the body color if cared for similarly. Good Luck!

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    Ford did not have a paint code or a mix design on the charcoal accent paint. The SEM is an interior paint, will not hold up, and is too light in color from what I've seen. The hardest part to this paint is the satin's not gloss or matte.

    Do a search on my posts as I went through this with my 1985 GT two tone lower accent vert back in 2011. I was in the same position in that there was alot on my car and spraying professionally was the only option. I had windshield trim that was in covered storage away from sunlight taken off a 86 GT vert after it was totaled with low miles in 1986. It took several attempts to get the exact match but it still looks like the day I picked it up 7 years later! It is a commercial grade product made by Sherwin Williams that Coca Cola, Budweiser, etc. also utilize on their company delivery trucks. It is not cheap, but well worth the effort.
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    The SEM Bumper Coater 39153 is a great match for the door, window, convertible trim, etc. An exact match on my 85 Oxford white GT convertible. However it is not a very good match for the interior such as door sills (too blue).

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