good post above X. I moved on from the 0.040 over block switching to a Dart based 4.155 bore setup with a 3.25" stroke for a 353. Initially I was going to build two -- one for each of my foxes. Time passes and available funds diminish and you begin to realize that there's no point in putting at $10K motor into a car where a $5K motor will suffice. The Saleen clone isn't going to get driven a crap-ton so it simply doesn't need the 353 when a good head cam intake header setup in a stroker will make double the steam the 85's had factory.

I've sourced a stock roller block from a 91 that still has its 4.00" bore. After all this looking, friends are great. $50 and its mine. I now plan to turn that one into a 331 for the Saleen build.

The 353 will get putting to use in my 86GT. And if I don't get the power I want, out comes the boost or spray bars. Dart says it will hold a bunch -- just might have to prove it.