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    Made it out with my 86GT yesterday. As the photos attest, it had been sitting in storage long enough for plenty of dust to collect on it. It gets a bit more ratty every time I see it. There wonít be too many outings left for the old gal before itís time to enjoy the 85 while the 86 is getting completely blown apart and reformed from the ground up.

    Im slowly coming around to the idea of basically doing a body swap. A straight rust free 86 shell in the rockers, floors, torque boxes, rear frame rails, and roof would be a very good start for that build. The alternative is a big stack of repair panels and a ton of time.

    Either way there wonít be that much of the original 1/2 million mile car left. Parts wise I already have a facia, hood, fenders, doors, and hatch that can replace the rotten mess thatís there.

    Im just glad the 85 is the polar opposite of my 86 in the body condition department. There are few foxes around that are as nice in the bones as the 85 now that the roof swap is finished.
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    I sorta tempted fate a little when I drove the ol four eyed fox yesterday after the meet before I put it back in storage.

    Nothing completely over the top stupid but most definitely made sure all the ponies would gallop a little harder than usual.

    I launched it as hard as I could, ran 1st to 60. For sure one of the hardest 60’s I’ve gotten out of it with the 2.95 1st.... clutch be damned.

    I pulled 2nd with force and my foot firmly planted on the floor and by the time I found it milliseconds later I was on the rev limiter. I let it eat in 2nd until it hit its strongest part of the pull up top and stayed there too long- back into the rev limiter. Missed 3rd because my T5Z has a shifter problem ..... so I had to start over.

    The 2nd run was more of the same only quicker and this time I found 3rd for a change so I let it eat. Went from 90 to 120 at the drop of a hat then I backed out of it at the end of the 1/4 and let it coast down. I didn’t time it but it was fun and was for sure quite fast for the car.

    For sure faster than its ever done without slicks. Heck faster than many passes with slicks honestly.

    It’s insane to know these cars just lightly modified will keep right on pulling as the gears click by one by one.

    Thry do not give even 1/2 a crap as the 140 MPH speedometer becomes a distant memory in 4th.

    But not this time. Instead once I coasted and it slowed to 50, then I cranked a few 90 degree corners.

    There are are so many cars out there that will put this tired old thing to shame, but it would be a shame to have it out and not let it do what it’s always done best. Honestly one of the first things I think about afterwards is when I’ll get to do it again...... so glad I’ve kept this old beater driveable!

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    What shape are the front frame rails in this old horse?

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    Believe it or not, better than many. Lots of other stuff is trashed

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    Summer is ticking away rapidly. Haven’t managed to get Trigger out since May. Haven’t got my boat out this year either. Bummer. I’ve simply overcommitted for the time being and am taking a beating for it.

    100 days til the new house is done. The old one is still too tore up to list. Down to the wire.

    The Saleen clone might not make the Fox meet .... heck I might not either! Good grief!

    impossible to do anything at home when I’m traveling 3-4 days per week and working 12-16 daily. Just gotta get through the move and things will settle down some.

    then it will be to get back to living one day at a time. The past few years time wise have been complete nonsense and bad for my health.

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    For some it's hard to not overcommit or say no. Whether work, projects or life. I have a hard time with the balance. Seriously. My commitment to my work is big. I do wish for less stress and want to slowly back away from all of the work responsibility I take on and the company wants to keep doling.

    All work and no play makes a dull boy though! Two drivable cars this summer has helped with it for me here and there when I do get out. Almost empty nesters now but somewhere a wife needs time too Especially when she has no interest in cars

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    I have one at home and one at college. Time has just evaporated.

    We had such struggles financially for so long due to medical problems. Most people would have just declared medical bankruptcy but working in information security that was never an option for me. After more work than I care to think about and I’ve finally got my family to a place where we have some means and are daily driving reliable vehicles with less than 150K miles for a change.. That’s the great part, but it’s on a foundation of long hours and tons of travel. I miss out on hobbies and my kids. And my wife has no interest in cars either. Too bad she said she did once upon a time so it was more than just a bit of a news flash

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    Found a picture of my engine compartment. It was mixed in with some old pictures I had in a box of stuff from cleaning out my grandmaís home after she passed away in 2010.

    Amazing all the stuff you find when packing up stuff to move.

    The picture was taken in the fall of 1993 when my car had around 100K miles. Nice freshly installed coop battery and all. Sure wish I would have kept the original one.
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