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    Travisí car was at Midwest foxfest and sold shortly after
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    Sourced new gear set from Moser. 3.90:1. This ratio will nicely complement the 2.95:1 low and 0.63 found in my T5Z. Well ó cruising is at least liveable.


    to put this in perspective, those with a stock T5 and 3.55 have wider ratios 1-4 and 4th is closer to 5th. Final drive is

    Also, (when) if I break my T5Z, I plan to get a Viper spec T56.

    Looking at the final drive ratios a T56 has with Viper spec is 0.50 2nd overdrive

    my car if I get a T56

    Factory 2.73 with 0.68

    Factory 3.08 with 0.68

    Those who run a T5Z with a 3.08 see 1.9404

    For those who love to row the gears in a straight line .....
    3.90 * 2.95 =11.505

    vs stock T5

    The big thing here is with slicks and around 400 HP a stock T5 with either 3.55 or 3.73 requires the driver shift it ďwheels upĒ. Obviously shifting wheels up translates into missed gear equals destroyed car.

    I wonít eliminate the idea of putting a shot of NOS back on my car once it has healthy metal and engine again.
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    3.90's... YOWZA!
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    Did you find a donor body or make a final decision on what to do there?

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    Enough donor metal has been secured for this disaster of a four eyed fox to make it back. I want to get my 85 up and running soon. Then it will be time for this 86 to get blown apart and prepared for its second chance

    As a bit of an impulse buy I scored a FMS GT40 tubular intake that was mislabeled as a Lightning. You can tell by where the trim piece attaches that this one is a FMS..... By far the best looking EFI intake for pushrod 5.0ís in my opinion. The lower will need to be ported to reach the flow potential required, but thatís easy enough. Hadnít thought about it much but Iíll eventually sell off my Typhoon.

    As indicated in my 85 Saleen clone thread and other places, the Dart 353 will most likely go into the 86 build with a nicely built 331 ending up in the Saleen

    One of the main things Iím looking at now is what parts are needed to complete the 85. Gotta get those sorted.

    The other thing is what prep work can get done prior to blowing the 86 apart to make the actual build go very fast. Stuff like the 8.8 can get built in a spare housing. Iíve sourced an actual 86 housing which is where the 3.90ís will get put.

    Iím looking for a Medium Canyon Red dash lower from an 86 to replace the cut up lower from an older fox thatís currently in my 86

    I am also looking at which AFR heads will be right for the 353. Leaning towards AFR185 at the moment.

    The other piece of research is what non factory parts are required to put a Dart based motor together properly. There are subtle differences - will have to get in top of that

    The 353 will get an FTI designed cam when the time comes
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    Great update! Lots going on and going to be an exciting build!!!

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    Iíve been shopping porting shops lately as the tubular intake has a long way to go to keep up with a 353. Bigdogs projects getting 320 CFM per port for it which is sufficient.

    Ive been looking at AFR 195 heads in lately. Iíve found a source for thick MLS head gaskets that will keep compression right at 10.5:1.

    Im thinking I will leave all the emissions gear in place on the car as I redo it because there is more and more regulatory discussion on cars all the time. I canít imagine the misery they guys out in CA are going through right now with finding stock exhaust to put back on.

    The 353 motor build still needs so many things.
    - heads
    - custom cam
    - lifters
    - adjustable timing set
    - pushrods
    - rocker arms
    - large capacity oil pan
    - etc

    The body will see mods for 315/35/17 tires and battle boxes as itís being transformed

    The suspension will get
    - TRX swaybar in front
    - MM panhard
    - MM upper control arms

    Otherwise itís more or less done and Iím happy with it overall

    I recently added MM adjustable lower control arms and all new rubber materials around the springs, etc. Theyíve been a great addition ó MUCH better than the POS tubular control arms that I had put in there before.

    I recently had it out beating on it and actually spun one of the 245/45/17 Kuhmo tires on its bead. Time to change my habits on rear tire pressure, I canít get away with 28 left and 26 right now that the LCAs actually know what to do with the power they are sent.

    Gone are the days of 15-20 mph down the street in 1st, stand on it, and boil the hides. Gone are the days of 30-35 after the intake and T5Z swap too. Now itís 4000+ and drop it at WOT to boil them or or itís 40-45 down the street and stand on it and get them to chirp a bit as it climbs very rapidly to 60 MPH and the 6250 rev limiter. It makes for a completely different but very fun driving experience.

    I have my doubts on the motor mounts putting up with that crap for too much longer but itís always something.

    a pic I snapped the other day while I fixed the flat tire issue.
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    Looking at having TMI do a custom leather setup based upon the SVO patterns. Iíll grab an SVO foam kit and convert the front seats. I have original
    SVO leather rear seats that will get the covers pulled off and done to match the front.

    heres the leather samples

    the blacks are the same - just used one to help with lighting and make the patterns show
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    Made some decisions on the ol 86GT yesterday. I'm going to refinish and run my son's old halo's. No mesh in them- just the factory 1985-1986 GT halo look. I'll take the seats down to the frames and build them back with fresh SVO pads and fresh leather made to order.

    He is going refinish and run my 1986 SVO leather headrests in his 86GT convertible that has 1992-1993 black leather seats. We'll break the seal on the leather top-coat then darken them to black with dye to match the rest of his seats then seal them up with a fresh coat of spray sealer. Basically the same process my dad and I did on the entire junkyard seats when reconditioning them before we gave them to him for Christmas a few years ago.

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    Took the old rust bucket out yesterday and ran a tank of fuel through it. Overall it drives really nice, its just so stinking rusty and the engine is tired. It put up with the hell I gave it for another go-round which made for a fun outing.

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    Glad the car still puts up with a little abuse. Sounds like it was a pretty long drive unless you donít get that good of mileage.
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    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
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    This is the best thread on the internet.
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    Went nearly 300 miles. It has a 2.73:1 rear gear and a 0.63:1 OD via T5Z these days so it more or less idles at 65-70 going down the road.

    The transmission needs to come apart again to figure out why the hell it won't allow a 2-3 like it should.... If you try for 4th then it goes right into 3rd otherwise it won't. I've had front-row seat for my butt kicking before because of that stupid 2-3 problem. Oh well -- I'm rolling 90 when I need to look for it.

    Finally found time to take a good friend that has helped me so much with suspension and braking for a ride on Sunday. He was surprised when I got after it and my motor hung in there until the rev limiter called off the party. His former SCCA class champion 86 calls it quits at 5300 like all of them do stock. He has a 17 5.0 so he was not ultra impressed by any means, but was quite surprised by the seat of the pants put up by my tired old stock head motor. It is amazing it pulls anywhere close to as well as it does. 0-90 I'm sure trigger would win that battle if I'm on the stick out of the hole thanks to the Maximum Motorsports LCA's giving me a jump on the 60 foot, but my problem is the 2-3 shift sucks and costs me time every time.... Not sure I could make up for it in a 1/4 mile vs tuned and paddle shifted 5.0.

    Separately from going for a spirited run with a friend, I did drop the hammer on it a couple times and ran some 1-2 full power shifts at 6150. Since my 2-3 is more or less broken I have to be nice on that one.

    I did run a 1/2 mile from a standing start with it once too. The 3-4 shift is around 135 and I was well into 4th and letting her eat when I hit the 1/2 mile. Not sure how fast -- wasn't running GPS at the time. But hauling the mail anyway.

    Other than those few passes I behaved myself and just went for a badly needed drive. Life has been kicking my ass and then some lately and there has been far from any support from anyone around me. Makes me want to just push everyone away and take care of myself because two can play at that game.

    I decided to pay a long overdue visit to my cousin's grave. He was like a brother to me. Its been nearly 25 years but when life kicks my ass in all other ways is the time when those things come back on me hard.

    Sometime around 3:00AM - 4:30AM I had multiple close calls with deer. I would have hit at least two for sure if it still had its stock brakes. The brakes made all the difference.

    I continue to be very grateful to my friend Jeremy for helping me figure out the right combo of SN95 parts. They really work well on my four eyed fox and saved my ass -- again. I would be in a box if it wasn't for the brake upgrades and thats something I remind myself of often while the world kicks my butt.

    Any and all improvements and changes are just a pipe dream until some of the problems I'm facing right now are behind me. Hard to say how it will turn out. I just keep hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I don't have a lot of months of living on no income before I start losing **** -- and fast. I'm on a forced leave of absence because of COVID-19 and I'm battling with the state right now because they claim I still have a job because I'm on LOA. I've never taken a dime from unemployment in my entire life but damn it they need to cough up the cash and now.
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