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    Travisí car was at Midwest foxfest and sold shortly after
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    Sourced new gear set from Moser. 3.90:1. This ratio will nicely complement the 2.95:1 low and 0.63 found in my T5Z. Well ó cruising is at least liveable.


    to put this in perspective, those with a stock T5 and 3.55 have wider ratios 1-4 and 4th is closer to 5th. Final drive is

    Also, (when) if I break my T5Z, I plan to get a Viper spec T56.

    Looking at the final drive ratios a T56 has with Viper spec is 0.50 2nd overdrive

    my car if I get a T56

    Factory 2.73 with 0.68

    Factory 3.08 with 0.68

    Those who run a T5Z with a 3.08 see 1.9404

    For those who love to row the gears in a straight line .....
    3.90 * 2.95 =11.505

    vs stock T5

    The big thing here is with slicks and around 400 HP a stock T5 with either 3.55 or 3.73 requires the driver shift it ďwheels upĒ. Obviously shifting wheels up translates into missed gear equals destroyed car.

    I wonít eliminate the idea of putting a shot of NOS back on my car once it has healthy metal and engine again.
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    3.90's... YOWZA!
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    Did you find a donor body or make a final decision on what to do there?

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    Enough donor metal has been secured for this disaster of a four eyed fox to make it back. I want to get my 85 up and running soon. Then it will be time for this 86 to get blown apart and prepared for its second chance

    As a bit of an impulse buy I scored a FMS GT40 tubular intake that was mislabeled as a Lightning. You can tell by where the trim piece attaches that this one is a FMS..... By far the best looking EFI intake for pushrod 5.0ís in my opinion. The lower will need to be ported to reach the flow potential required, but thatís easy enough. Hadnít thought about it much but Iíll eventually sell off my Typhoon.

    As indicated in my 85 Saleen clone thread and other places, the Dart 353 will most likely go into the 86 build with a nicely built 331 ending up in the Saleen

    One of the main things Iím looking at now is what parts are needed to complete the 85. Gotta get those sorted.

    The other thing is what prep work can get done prior to blowing the 86 apart to make the actual build go very fast. Stuff like the 8.8 can get built in a spare housing. Iíve sourced an actual 86 housing which is where the 3.90ís will get put.

    Iím looking for a Medium Canyon Red dash lower from an 86 to replace the cut up lower from an older fox thatís currently in my 86

    I am also looking at which AFR heads will be right for the 353. Leaning towards AFR185 at the moment.

    The other piece of research is what non factory parts are required to put a Dart based motor together properly. There are subtle differences - will have to get in top of that

    The 353 will get an FTI designed cam when the time comes
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    Great update! Lots going on and going to be an exciting build!!!

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