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    Default What year did "Ford Motorsports" products come on the scene?

    I was talking with a friend about some of the NOS parts he had with the Ford Motorsports logo on them. We got to the point of wondering if any of these parts would be "correct" for an earlier pace car he had. Neither of us know when they were first available from Ford to determine a good answer. We seem to remember they came on the scene about when the 82 GT hit the scene. We also sort of remember that in the late 90's (97-98?) "Ford Motorsports" parts transitioned to "Ford Racing" but that date is not one I've been able to track down on the www either.

    We remember that SVO (1983-ish) turned into SVE then within a year or two changed to SVT. Wondering the dates on all that as well.

    I believe this would be neat archive information if someone has all the answers.
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    The 2000 catalog is when the “ford racing” appears the 99’ says Motorsport SVO. I’ve seen the 85 catalog and it says Ford Motorsport. I think that 84/85 is when that began. I’m sure someone else will know more.
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    My recollection is 83 was the first year of the catalog. It was more a pamphlet than a catalog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesfannoz View Post
    My recollection is 83 was the first year of the catalog. It was more a pamphlet than a catalog.

    With some seriuosly tough parts.

    M 6582 A351 rocker stabilzer kit,
    A 6049-A3 Yates heads, and
    M-6015-A4 351C block

    IIRC, the first of the export to USA with a price of around U$900. Aussie Geelong 351 C blocks still got the M-6015-A3 SVO ordering part number too. D1ZZ-6010-T gave you the XE-192540 NASCAR block and these blocks were shipped to Holman and Moody and Gapp and Roush. Holman and Moody used to list these blocks under the part number D6HM-6010-1

    and some closed chamber 57 cc 302C heads were able to be ordered through SVO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zap's 85 GT View Post

    We remember that SVO (1983-ish) turned into SVE then within a year or two changed to SVT. Wondering the dates on all that as well..

    1983 model year for SVO.

    SVO cast blocks were Australian or left over Holman Moody parts, and SVO was the racing division.

    Ford Motorsport was the outlet that sold them.

    In Australia, Roy Sutton sold trademarked Ford SVO parts, and Cleveland engine guru Mick Webb then in a stoush gained the SVO tradename. Still has it. Ford USA used the SVO name only from 84 to 85.5 .

    The new EXP Turbo Coupe also built by Ford's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), and they had it planned a long time before 1984. There wasn't enough time to get it into the first 2 production years due to SVO's other work with the Capri IMSA, Mustang GTP, and Group A Mustang 5.0 4bbl campaign in Europe, and the EFI work on the 2.3 Mustang.

    Ford was dribble feeding the Boss 351/Boss 302 service heads, and Aussie 302C and pillow and NASCAR part number Geelong Aussie blocks through SVO, and the universal WCP 351 9.2 or 9.5 deck block didn't come through into common useage till 1988 or so. Same with all the good 2.5 litre GTP Lima fours and the service replacement Big Block DOVE or Boss 429 heads.

    Gray Baskerville at Hot Rod saw that the arrival of Mike Kranefuss to pilot Ford SVO's competition USA department was in fact a two year process, 1981 to 1983, with the starting with the 1980 GTP Mustangs, then the IMSA Capri with Cologne Capri underpinnings and a BDA derived engine. The Ford EXP turbo and 1982 Mustang Capri 2.3 Turbo were SVO engine mapped with a Bosch style VAM meter on the bigger 2.3.

    Chassis man Wayne Gapp and engine guy Jack Roush did the first spike on premium castings in the 70's to prove that a market existed.

    Wayne continued with chassis work, and Jack did the casting work for some SVO parts, under a standard "all rights go to Ford" contract like the Big Block head guys Jon Kaase, Ken Duttweiler and Alan Root had with Ford.

    For the October 1982 "83 model year" catalogue. There were some A3 heads. The later version of the Yates A3 heads were corporate cheating as far as NASCAR was concerned, as there were key differences from the SVO heads.

    Dates and details differ over the 1983 M 6049-A3 heads

    The C3 B ans D3 B Yates "cheater" heads were the first items made for NASCAR V8's when the rules were tightened up, but that was way later. They begat the NASCAR legal A3 heads, IIRC, 1983. D3'S D4's and a whole lot of Essex Ontario 4.5 V6 bits were also much later, with 1986 for the first Cosworth heads, then 1987 for the wedge headed Brodix cast versions. Ford SVO really went crazy with the casting foundaries from Canada and Michigan when the health of the corporate bank balance when out of the red and into the black.

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    .....what an awesome tool that Pro Street Gapp and Roush machine was, I guess it practically bankrolled Roush and then created a new category of hard and fast Big Block Pro Streeters from the latest body style.
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    Based on the Mustang TRX Article 1

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