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    Default AOD Linkage question

    I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Ive recently swapped a 351W and AOD into my 85 GT, and have just started working on it again since the weather has been reasonably nice (no garage). The AOD I have is out of a 1985 LTD with a column shifter, I had no idea there were different linkage setups with transmissions like this. From what ive read, it looks like im going to have to change out the linkage in the transmission itself to get it to work with a stock floor shifter. I would much rather get the tranny working like it sits, but i guess thats not an option? Im having all kinds of problems finding this linkage setup. The only one i can find is the Lokar linkage. Im not sure if that will work or not with a TV cable setup. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Ive attached a picture of my current setup as it sits in the car, the long arm coming down by the cable is the current linkage arm, and a picture of the part i think I need. Honestly this looks different from any of the other setups ive seen. The numbers on the transmission come back as an AOD. Im just really confused. Thanks for all your help, you guys rock!

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    You have to flip the shift lever on the transmission to work with a floor shifter. A Lokar TV cable kit is the best route to hook the AOD to a carburetor. I was able to use a TCI throttle lever bracket and a modified stock Mustang TV cable with my Edelbrock 4 barrel, but it took some fabricating to get it to work.
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    You can cut it and weld it downwards if you have a mug welder
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    Show and tell.

    External plate works well

    Quote Originally Posted by xctasy View Post
    If its 87-93 style AOD, then you'll be okay.

    The transmission hump might need a little work, and the crossmember.

    The TV cable on the port EFI 5.0goes to the Throttle body on the engine.

    The TV rod on the AOD M code 5.0 HO goes to the Central Fuel Injection unit

    If you are using a 4-bbl carb, you have to fit either a rod or cable TV to the AOD transmission

    Its this geeky stuff down here that varies, here it is:-

    Item A. Your AOD has to use either a TV rod or cable


    Item B. Your AOD needs to be shifted by a shift rod or cable

    Four types

    Type 1 Lincoln set up v

    Type 2 Panther/Fox set up v

    Type 3 Variation Reversed v

    Type 4 Variation v

    For the TV cable or rod, two types

    For the 1980 to 1985 Panthers, long wheel base Foxes and the carberettor looking 84 and 85 CFi 5.0 EFI HO GT,

    it was rod TV, like the C4 and FMX's and C6's from 1968 on all over again

    If its a Port 5.0 EFi, then you just use a cable.

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    Thanks guys, mine is the: Type 4 Variation v setup. I just have to decide on how I want to handle it. If my setup is where it pulls from the front or the back, couldn't I just reroute the cable in different ways. I totally new to automatics, so sorry if this is a dumb question.


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    No question is dumb. That's how we increase our knowledge about foxes.

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    The AOD i used in my Capri was from a column shift T-bird. I swapped the floor shift parts from a Mustang AOD and used the stock shift and TV cables. Been working great for years,

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