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    Default First Time I Saw My Car 40 Years Ago

    The first day I saw my car was Monday March 13th 1978. (If you recall, I had ordered it back in February.)
    I was at work in Ravenna Ohio. Next to where I worked was the main rail line that went from the East to Cuyahoga Falls Ohio where the dealer was.
    The dealer had told me it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get your order. Every day for the past week whenever I heard a train coming I would go to the door that was next to the machine I operated and watch for my car to pass.
    Back then the rail cars were open. Kids were not as vandalistic as they are today.
    Finally there it was on the train, my brand new 1978 Mercury Zephyr! The excitement was really building now. Hopefully only a few more days till I get the call to pick up my new car!

    Door where I stood watch

    What car carrying rail cars looked like back then
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    Good story!

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    Default happy anniversary

    How cool is that. How rare of a memory. Great story.
    Mega enhanced version of waiting to open a major present you had a peek at.
    You are as bad as me documenting stuff like that worth the effort a thousand times.
    If only there was a way to capture unplanned events like that live, like phones do now.
    Important but fuzzy memories need to be kept as sharp as possible or even made clearer with tech.

    I document. Even looked up the weather conditions related to build day and purchase day.
    Who knows what it means?
    Help with a future attempt, the feel and attitude, etc for the next major event like this and another A+ outcome.
    Planned or unplanned.

    Ha vandalistic. Perfect. The innocent version is a lost art like soaping windows on devils night.

    Wondered from 7/1980 to 9/2010 what day it was built at DAP and where it was until i got it.
    Thank you Kevin Marti and all involved.
    Was delivered to Ford dealer near my house 1.5 years before i bought it used at another Ford dealer 3 miles away.
    May have touched it new at the first lot. The wish came true the day i sold the VW sort of spur of the moment.
    Trying to find any history where it was for 1.5 years and who had it. Dealer said it was titled a demo car all that time.
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    This is fun following along with your remembrances. Keep them coming.

    One of the things I really wish I had was pictures of my car when it was first at the dealership, when it was delivered and I picked it up.
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    I got my car on March 13 also!

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