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    Default Fold out large screen radios

    Has anyone ever tried a fold out large screen radio in their four eyed fox? Something like this:

    jensen also makes a similar radio.

    the idea is to add nav and Bluetooth and sat radio into a four eyed fox.

    Im debating what to put in my Saleen when the time comes.

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    My solution would be to keep the stock radio. Add an android mirror. They have a version that will take a sim card, so access it anywhere, and has a built in dash cam and it can also come with a back up camera.

    With the sim card allowing internet, you can access it from your phone anywhere you, or the car, might be, in real time. Say Jr. Takes the car...

    A bit tacky, yes. But totally removable, temporary and capable of anything a good head unit would do.

    A bit of Amazon work, and you can find them for around $80 without the back up camera.
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    I know there are places to take old, vintage radio chassis and update the insides to modern tech, including Bluetooth and USB and you keep the stock look. May be something to look into

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    I considered one of these folding screen units for the RS a few years back (the Pioneer Unit specifically) and after a lot of consideration decided against it for now. First: the T5's stick rides pretty close to the dash and I would be worried that the screen coming out would jam into the stick if I was in first gear. Second: The upper edge of the dash sticks out a bit farther then the den unit itself and I was thinking it would look kind of strange with the head unit screen leaning forward instead of backward which would also create problems for properly viewing the screen seeing as most LED/LCD screens blur if not looking at them head on. Third: I am not sure but I think the screen will block some of the AC/Heater controls when the unit is open.

    Basically I am waiting for someone else to buy one and install it in their Foxbody and see how it works out for them. $400 is a lot of cash to spend to find out the unit doesn't fit properly in your car environment.

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    All valid points, and the exact ones I've thought about. That's why I'm asking around.

    I have a hurst shifter which shortens the throw substantially but lord knows I've punched the dash more than once banging gears in my car over the years. Lol. Better do it with the radio closed,that's for sure.

    Visibility would depend a lot on the head unit.

    From experience with jackasses busting in and breaking my dash on my 86 badly enough that it had to be replaced with a 79..... with a little patience it's pretty easy to make a trim ring that follows the edges of the indented area and centers a 1 din head unit. Double thickness there isn't a problem either. Should be able to space it out two thicknesses of ABS and have it look about right when closed. More than 2 could get "interesting" I'm afraid.

    Heater controls is a valid concern. Not sure how much of a problem it is or isn't. If you can clear the dash where it sticks out, it might be a non-issue.

    Ive considered the worst case on that though which is none of it fits. There are those who have used aero controls in a Four Eyed fox. Those controls mounted vertically in the stock area might look totally stupid but "work".

    ideally someone has tried this and can share pictures and lessons learned. If not I just might take my 1986 apart and mock it up since my 85 is in Austin. Then again I could just go to Austin. lol.

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    Further info - my 1985 GT doesn't have any radio in it right now. I'll have to buy something for it so I'm weighing my options.

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    I have a double DIN Android Auto/Apple CarPlay unit in my tahoe and I love it. I'm not much for fancy new tech but it is super handy to have the bluetooth for calls and to have Waze or google maps for nav right in the dash. I'll be leaving the factory two-post radio in my '83 but I am strongly condidering something similar for my '92 (if I ever get my butt in gear and start working on it)
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    I have a pioneer 7" flip out in my 1984 mustang and works just fine. It is close to the shifter in 1st gear, I just open it up or close it when I get in the car. I had to space it out to clear the dash also.
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    Pictures worth 1000 words. How did you space it out?

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    I used a chrysler installation kit which moved it out 2 inches. I will get pics when I get the car back together as I can not key it up right now.
    1967 mustang coupe -sold
    1967 cougar GT - sold
    1984 Mustang L 5.0L - Totaled
    1984 Mustang GT 5.0L
    2007 Mustang GT convertible ( wifes car)
    1997 F-350 powerstroke
    USMC Retired 1981-2001

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    I wanted the upgrade of a screen and try a backup camera.

    I found this bose 4inch, flip down stereo. A couple pics........

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    Still in the middle of my rebuild so the engine/tranny are not installed. Powered from stereo front speakers in the dash and the rear 6x9's are powered thru an amp in the hatch area. Building my sub box now.........

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    Flip down has advantages over up in our cars. Any pictures from the side?

    I was thinking of trying for in dash NAV.....

    i may not go there right now. So many things costing me money right now.

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    I will get a couple of pics from the side.

    I like the NAV idea. A lot of this just comes down to cost vs upgrades vs nonstock tolerance.

    I put my money into the body, engine, tranny, rear end, suspension............. Well you know how it goes.

    Sound system was more of an after thought.

    Shot of my dash about to be finished........

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    Interesting. Yea, I’ve got a lot in Saleen specific parts...

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    I've idly considered a nav/double-DIN unit where the inner driver a/c outlet and HVAC control unit sit and finding a HVAC control unit that would work with the stock heat/AC AND fit into the space where the radio resided.
    Nothing done yet besides idle consideration.

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    I spent $3k on the factory NAV when I ordered my jeep. Now I use WAZE for NAV. Way better than any factory NAV. Personally, I think in dash NAV will be dead in 5 years and apple car play and the android equivalent will take over. This way whatever apps you use such as NAV, music etc. will just display on the car screen.

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    here is a pic of the fold down screen from the side.

    sorry for the delay, better late than never......

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