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    Default Need some help on Cobra seats, and aluminum bumper prices....

    Went to a yard today and found a stash of aluminum bumpers, brought home two fronts and a rear, know at least two fronts still there. What is a good price for them if I should go back?
    Also found what I believe to be a 81 Cobra, has a decal on rear quarter windows. What should I save from it? The seats looked pretty good, black with whiteish pattern but not Recaros. Value?
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    Good haul. Fronts seem more rare than rears. What I remember seeing and selling them for (years ago) you could easily ask $250 for a front and possibly more. $150-$200 for a rear one. If in good shape, no dents or corrosion and more $ if you have the foil like mount backers that are there to prevent contact with the steel bumper mounts. They prevent galvanic corrosion.
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