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    Default Lowering 86gt with eibachs and 17" rims

    Hiya guys and gals,

    Im new to this so pardon me if i screw up.. I was wondering if i can use some eibachs on my 86gt that i just put 17 inch rims on?
    Will it rub? i just think it needs to be a little lower.


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    Use the ford racing "B" springs. Better quality and not so low as the eibachs. Just over 200 bucks from jegs.

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    Personally I prefer using caster/camber plates in front. Those will drop the car around 3/4".

    In the past I've also used X2 balljoints during SN95 based 5-lug conversions. This positions the spindle higher relative to the A-arm. It corrects a bumpsteer problem that's common when converting to SN95 parts. It drops the ride height by an additional 3/4".

    You could use X2's with other spindle setups, but you'd need adjustable bumpsteer kits to get that part of steering geometry correct then.

    On my 1986GT my car is 5 lug converted and sits 1.5" lower using low miles stock 5.0L springs plus caster/camber plates and X2 balljoints. In the rear I'm running 4 cyl LX springs. The car has a very slight rake to it and could use 1/2 a coil cut off of the rear springs to make it level. Rides great. Handles better than any stock 93 Cobra I've been in. Its a joy to drive.

    When I went to 17" rims I also converted to 5-lug. i run 245/45/17 tires and they do not rub but it took me a long time to get the front dialed in.

    I started out running 83 Ranger 2.0L rotors in front with an SN95 rear diff from a 1995GT in back. The front rubbed terribly and needed a 1/4"-1/2" spacer in front to solve that. When I went to SN95 spindles and 99GT brakes I instead pushed the struts out so they are straight up and maxed out caster by pushing them all the way back towards the windshield. Then I used camber bolts to get the camber where it needed to be.
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    thanks guys for the help and input. im still running 4 lug and gotta replace the stock shocks and struts so i figured i would do the springs at the same time.

    much appreciated.

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