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    Default Air Cleaner Lid Clean Up Suggestions

    I'm looking for tips on bringing my '82 air cleaner lid back to life. It's the typical dingy lid. Just looking for some diy tips on breathing some life into it. Thanks in advance.

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    If itís the typical aluminum top cover, clean up is simple. Get a mandrel attachment for a drill. You may have one around for a buffing Wheel, grinding stone, etc. then mount the lid on the mandrel. Take you drill motor and mount it securely in a vise and install the mandrel. Put it on somewhat slow speed until you get the hang of it. Take a piece of green scotch brite to the lid as it spins. It cleans up very nicely. To protect it, Iím not sure. Maybe Sharkhide or Boeshield T9.

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    I used fine steel wool on mine
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    I used Mother's Aluminum Polish on my 84 HO lid over several cleanings and now it looks like polished aluminum instead of spun aluminum. The stuff works wonders!

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    yes Mothers polish, I used it on my TRX rims back in the day after taking the clear coat off, polished them up and they looked like they were chrome.
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