Hi... Present Mustang.. 1982 Right Hand Drive ! 3.3 liter straight six Auto Mustang Ghia... the one with the leather seats and no doubt known by all the sun roof with out a drain tube so the tin worm has set in... Its all under cover at present , on stands.. needs to be moved soon , looking locally for some wheel dollies. It was originally 390 TRX`s , which I am selling x5 minus the tyres ( the reason they`re going is the expenses..I have got another set of 390 wheels x4 with a good set of TRX tyres but the tyre walls in places are suffering... but that`s another story ) I`m thinking about the 16 inch trx replica wheels to keep the look...Engines not been fired up for about 8 years, full service when its out in the open, fuel tank need draining and refilling.. hope it likes Unleaded gas... it was running on 4 star, which in UK is not available at the pumps now... .. to be continued as the resto progresses..
How many RHD cars are on the register ? ( I believe mine was converted by Ford at Slough in England... two problems..first when the shifter broke I could`nt get a RHD so the push button the stick had to be on the right and its designed for thumb operation but the set up with a LHD shifter its little finger operation ( let go of steering wheel and cross arms to put my left thumb on it and hope no traffic cops are around.. lol ) and the second problem I forget `cos it took so long explaining the cross arm gear change ( reverse ) .. always another day to list inefficiencies ... safe driving