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    Hi guys thanks for setting up this forum. I have a 1966 Nova that I have had for 25 years. I have been a Chevy guy since I was a teenager and now at 50 I just bought my first Ford performance vehicle, other than my 7.3 Powerstroke. I picked up a 1896 GT hatch that will be for my 14 year old to work on with me between his junior drag racing program and maybe I can teach him to be poor because of cars like me. Hoping to learn a lot on here. The car is pretty much stock but has been painted white on ALL surfaces, gag! It was originally black and plans are to take it back there. We are just doing some basic bolt on stuff for now and cleaning up the engine compartment. The bottom of the car and chassis is super clean.
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    Welcome from another Chevy guy

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    Welcome! nice car!

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    Welcome to FEP... have fun with the car....

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    Thanks guys. Banging my head now with what would seem to be simple battery cable replacement, but the positive cable LMR sent is too short to have the positive terminal facing front as it was when I got it with stock looking wires and the ground cable for 86-93 comes labeled in the box as 87-93 and the computer quick connect is different.

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    Welcome to FEP. We won't hold it against you being a chevy guy. I like the old deuces and chevelle's though. Have fun with your son building the car as he will remember the good times for a long time as my sons and I have. That looks like my 84 when I bought it white with black and I had the ugly canyon red interior in mine. My interior is all black now and outside is black cherry. When it comes to battery cables I just measure my originals and pick them up at a parts store so I know I have the right lengths. Keep us posted as you go along with your project.
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