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    Default 84 brake setup ?

    My brake booster is bad on my 84 car and already got it pulled out, my mc is also in bad shape along with the lines. I'm going to replace the lines and and also upgrading to sn95 5 lug. My question is can i run a 84 booster with 95 mc so i dont have to beat the tower. And will it be ok to run disc rear or just run disc front drum rear. Or just get the 95 booster and clearance it .. not to thrilled about beating the tower as I have read has to happen on the older cars. Thanks in advance

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    95 mc on my 79 booster. Just add an adjustable prop valve. You will need iso flare at the mc and double flare at the factory prop valve
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    The 93 Cobra Booster is generally the tough fit in the early Four Eyes.

    IMHO, I would get a stock replacement booster and install. That should work just fine for what you need.

    As for the M/C that will really depend on what brake setup you end up with. The caliper bore sizes and if you go 4 wheel disc or not will affect your M/C needs.

    Again IMHO I would replace the stock M/C with a stock unit for the time being. Especially if you are considering a Disc/Drum setup to begin with. The OEM M/C should be a 21mm (@7/8") bore which is very similar in size to the 15/16" 94/95 Cobra M/C and only slightly smaller than the 1" 93 Cobra unit. In many cases the OEM M/C can work just fine even with the 5 lug SN95 brake swap.

    The other benefit initially is that the stock M/C is a bolt in with no changes needed. Obviously when you add/change the brakes you will need to either gut or eliminate the stock Proportioning Valve and add an Aftermarket Adjustable Proportioning Valve. After that you can decide if you like the "Feel" of your stock M/C and then adjust the M/C size if needed based upon a long pedal or a short pedal as we all have our personal preferences. Best of Luck!

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    Why do you want to change the m/c diameter?
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