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    New to the forum here and possibly considering an '86 Mustang GT in the future. Growing up, this was the first car I fell in love with and used to draw pictures of them from time to time after seeing them in the older Road & Track. I have a Lincoln Mark VII LSC and just picked it up two years ago with 48k miles on it. I've always kind of had a hankering for these Mustangs. Anyways, guess time will tell with what happens.

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    Welcome to FEP. Good luck in finding your dream fox. Take your time and you will find a nice clean one.
    1967 mustang coupe -sold
    1967 cougar GT - sold
    1984 Mustang L 5.0L - Totaled
    1984 Mustang GT 5.0L
    2007 Mustang GT convertible ( wifes car)
    1997 F-350 powerstroke
    USMC Retired 1981-2001

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    Thank you. There is some factors I need to consider since I'm tall and fairly hefty person so, I want to make sure I fit okay.

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