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    Default 93 LX Bird Dash lights

    I just got this 1993 Thunderbird LX with a 93 Cobra 302 but there is one thing that I noticed. The dash is Digital and only half of it works. I know it is not a fuse, but I don't work with Digital dashes to many little resisters and diodes. But I can solder and do electric work.

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    Usually its just a bulb.

    There is a plastic ribbon cable everything connects to that can fail. Heat does then in. The plastic melts around the copper traces. I've seen them repaired and replaced with ribbon cables.

    My .02, pull it all apart and try cleaning up the contactpoints on the cables.
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    I will have to pull the cluster anyways, I need to try and replace the plastic cover over it anyways. But I did notice that the lights do work, they are just very dim on one side.

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