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    Default Intake Manifold and Carb Part Number Question

    Hello, I am planning on restoring a 1982 Mustang GT. It currently has a 4V setup. I would like to get the original setup and figured I'd start here. Does anyone know what numbers I should be looking for? Thanks!

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    The carb will have an E2Z prefix but the rest of the part number will probably be determined by assembly plant and California emissions or not. Not sure about intakes.

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    Awesome, thanks! I've got my work cut out on me with this car. LOL! This one came from DSO Buffalo. So it's got some rust. I'm shooting for completely 100% OEM parts. Got a long way to go! Name:  20180201_123550.jpg
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    I bought this manifold. Hopefully it's the right one. ;-)

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