Every now and then it is just as important to know where to get parts from as anything else.

Many of us have gutted the stock valve and went to an adjustable, but what if you want to keep the factory look? Where can you find the parts to rebuild a broken proportioning valve?

Another FEP member posted some info in another thread I found useful concerning the brake proportioning valve.

They found a "1960-1970 Ford Mustang Fairlane Comet proportioning valve for disc drum" on Ebay.

Important info about this.....
* It mounts identically
* All the port locations are in the same locations
* Some of the ports are a different size so if trying to just use it, adapters are needed to fit the existing lines.

The above valve contains the all the parts needed to rebuild a factory fox proportioning valve with the added bonus of still being more widely available.

The adapters needed for the connections
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1 [h=1]Brake Line Adaptors for Inverted Flare 7/16"-24(Female End) to 3/8"-24(Male End) Pack of 2[/h]