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    1979-93 lower front control arms are all the same in regards to overall length and design. The only difference over the years is bushings and ball joints. Obviously the SVO lower front control arms are unique to the SVO.

    SN95 lower front control arms break down into 94-98 and 99-04. Same overall length. The 99-04 offer more tire clearance lock to lock due to change in shape of the control arm.

    If you swap all the brake line, proportioning valve, MC, etc. from the donor car there's no need for adapters. The brake bias might be off a bit, but probably work just fine. You could always gut the Prop valve and install an adjustable in the rear line if there was an issue.

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    There are also these two 11" kits from Baer for the front. The first is a street/autocross style kit and second is marketed as being "drag" specific.

    Their descriptions are a little vague regarding mounting and as to what modifications are done to the spindle for each kit. I believe the first link may come with the "old" re-welded style spindle (hence the big price, and I saw an article which showed that style set up which was written by Evan Smith back in I think 2016) and the drag kit requires drilling and tapping the dust shield holes and installing specific brackets. I can only guess the drag set up is "weaker" though they don't say it can't/shouldn't be driven on the street. The brackets that come with the "drag" kit look plenty beefy to me...

    I wonder if there could be some creative mixing/matching/machining brackets/custom rotor rings to come up with a 12 inch version using these as a base.
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