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    Default 1982 T top coupe

    I Have a 1982 T top D code coupe Pastel vanilla ... 57 made with this combo.
    I bought this car to convert to a EFI car the only rust was where the Batt was
    where the hood hinge was and a little behind driver seat as in pics all has been fixed
    except behind driver seat and fixed right you could not tell if i did not tell you.
    I have bought a 1989 5.0 coupe for the conversion so far i have finished installing
    the 8.8 reared,complete fuel system,all fuel and brake lines,K member,1989 5.0 complete harness
    all the engine bay ends and odds heater box and that's about it.I have completely looked over the car
    could not see any wrecks.I am firm on price these Ttop coupe cars have been thrown away and have rotted
    there is not many left so i am firm at $3000 please understand this car is a rolling shell no interior or dash in it
    you are buying a rust free clean title factory D code T top coupe.

    MUSTANG = Mustang model line
    221003 = 121,003rd 1982 Ford scheduled for production at Dearborn Assembly
    66B = Mustang 2-dr coupe
    A = non-turbocharged 2.3L engine
    TR = T-roof
    0110 = body & paint rotations #0110
    6Z = Pastel Vanilla upper and lower exterior paint color
    6Z = Pastel Vanilla center exterior paint color
    AC = manual air conditioner
    02 = YES rear defrost
    HB = heated backlite (rear defrost)
    01 = no hood scoop
    V = visibility (light group)
    -V = French Vanilla interior trim color
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    Default 1982 T top coupe

    Nice car. What happened to the one year only French Vanilla interior?
    Quote Originally Posted by Travis T View Post
    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
    1982-1C (Black) T-Top GT RestoMod:
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    1979 (3F:Light Medium Blue) Coupe (one day to be my other son's!)!

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    Has the wrong year model cowl and radiator support for a 82 model

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    looks like my Girl.......Name:  ttop.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydon06 View Post
    Still available?
    I know the guy that owns it he lives about 30 mins from me. I don't think he's on here very much as he is more into aero cars. I can contact him by phone if you are truly interested.

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