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    Default 82 Continental wiper arms

    Can anyone point me toward a wiper arm for this car? The arms are about 17 in from shaft center to end (with a small bend). Existing part no. is E25B-17526, but has an obsolete attachment type called (I think) rock-lock. NAPA doesn't list the car or cross reference the part number. Based on catalog length they ordered the arm for an 82 Cougar, but it's 2 in shorter than listed. I'd prefer a large pin attachment type.


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    Do either of these look like the right parts? I don't know the Continentals well at all. It may be possible that there is another interchange with another fox body like the LTD/Marquis or even the Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark.

    If all else fails you can try Green Sales. You already appear to have a part number. They may even be able to help with part model interchange.
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